1. Everyman Espresso

“If you’re tired of nerdy coffee shops that deliver great drinks but make you feel like a moron, then get yourself to the super-friendly Everyman Espresso,” wrote the Village Voice in its review — and we couldn’t have said it better. We can appreciate a coffee shop that doesn’t just cater to the new wave of coffee nerds, but hopes to share its love of coffee for, well, the everyman. Sam Lewontin, the lead barista trainer for Everyman Espresso said it succinctly in a blog post, when defending brew methods:

“Customers, generally, don’t come into our stores looking for a lesson [in brewing methods]… What customers want, for the most part, is to be served tasty coffee in a way that makes them feel good about themselves.”

That could be why there’s no real menu in the shops, just a printed blurb about the coffee and locally sourced milk. With locations in both Soho and the East Village, Everyman Espresso serves its Counter Culture coffee with local milk from the Battenkill Valley Creamery in Salem, and a little bit of heart on the side.


Big thanks to TheDailyMeal.com for doing their research and curating an impressive list of 50 specialty shops around the country. Even though we landed at #1 we still believe in the diversity of service models and are humbled to be in the company of so many admirable specialty shops!



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